Y’all want to know what my dream job is?! Well in addition to being a blogger 🤣I wish I could be a professional traveler! A professional traveler who also gets paid to try all the hottest restaurants out while I’m traveling 🤣LMBO!

Our last trip to Disney in 2017!

We are 1 year away from our next huge family vacation ! Yes you read that right we truly do plan ahead 🤣😂  AND just 7 days away from our annual beach vacation! I literally am so excited to just lay out on the sand with this belly and do nothing but eat! Today I’m sharing with y’all our top 5 Tips to how we plan our family vacations whether they are big or small!

There were only 3 of us on our 1st family vacay !

  1. BUDGET! 

This is the first step to EVERYTHING in life! What is your budget ? We budget everything. Hotel, Gas to and from each state AND driving around the town, food, entertainment & shopping. For our family it is extremely important that everything we plan to do is written down and has a cost next to it. EVERYTHING! 

There were still only 3 of us on our 2nd family vacay !


We book our trips 1 year and sometimes 1 year and half to give us plenty of time to save the amount needed and pay it off! It’s actually the best thing we could have started doing! We are currently paying off our next big family vacation to Florida in 2020 and we are so excited! 

Aaron & I on the beach in 2009!


We make an itinerary so while we do want to relax we want to make the most out of the time we have too! We don’t want to be aimlessly driving around without having our activities budgeted in! We don’t have to stick it 100% but it helps us through our vacation time with financial ease! 

Aaron & I on the beach in 2017!


We have only done 1 international trip with the kids and booking flights 6 Months ahead of time saved us so much money! We traveled to Turks & Caicos for our 10 year vowel renewal ! I’ll do a separate blog post on that soon ! To fly straight from Atlanta to Turks & Caicos was about $1,200 per person! After research we found $40 round trip flights from Atlanta to Miami on Spirit and then $200 round trip flights on JetBlue from Miami to Turks & Caicos! Total for each persons flight came out to $240 person as oppose to $1,200! That was such a win!!! Now for most of our vacations we actually drive! We drive our own car for the most part. So we just map out what part of our budget will go to gas and that’s it ! 💃🏽

At Animal Kingdom in 2017!


Y’all know I LOVE pictures and videos! My love to document our memories came from my momma! I always used to joke and say her wallpaper in her house were pictures of my sisters & I and now all of her grandkids! People used to make fun of me because I was taking pictures before social media was even a thing 🤣 I know sometimes we don’t feel our best and sometimes we may look crazy but please document the memories while you can. Life goes by so quick and you can cherish pictures and videos forever ❤️

Our last family vacay before Ari was born!

Do you have quick any tips for planning a family vacation?! Drop them in the comments below!

Until next time,

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