I am always looking for something fun and exciting in Atlanta to do for Date Night! If you don’t know by now Aaron & I are pretty adventurous! We love doing just about anything and everything from going to the movies & dinner to horseback riding & hiking in the woods! I’ve been trying to convince him to let me jump out of a plane but so far that’s been a fail ! LMBO! The crazy thing is he said he’s gonna to do it but won’t let me do it 😩😩😩 I guess it’d be fair to tell y’all about the time we went indoor skydiving and I had a full on panic attack INDOORS INSIDE A SAFE FACILITY 😂🤣😂🤣 Whew y’all I’m hollering! LMBO! Listen those fans started blowing hard and for a second I couldn’t breathe when the strong air from the fans hit my nose and it was downhill from there 😭🤣😂🤣 I’ve been trying to redeem myself ever since! Y’all tell Aaron I didn’t mean to have a panic attack and I deserve to have a second chance! LMBO! I’m legit crying right now from laughing so hard. 🤣😂😭 Anyways back to the story! I wanted to share some super fun date night ideas and places that I’ve either been to or plan on going to! 

  1. iFly! Now just because I had a panic attack in Vegas doesn’t mean you’ll have one! 🤣😂🤣😂 Seriously though indoor skydiving is skydiving without all the risks! Everyone raves about it and I’m hoping one day soon Aaron will let me redeem myself 🤣😂 
  2. A Porsche Experience! I’ve had tons of friends go here and say from driving the cars to eating everything was phenomenal! Couples can take a tour of the facility, experience a simulated course or actually driving a Porsche on a closed course. To continue “German-style hospitality,” visitors head over to Overdrive Lounge, a rooftop bar that overlooks the track.
  3. Shooting at the Gun Range! This was terrifying yet so much fun🤣 I never thought in a million years I’d shoot a gun but when I found the Groupon I couldn’t resist! CLICK HERE to take a look at the one I’ve been to several times! 
  4. Atlanta Botanical Gardens! Y’all I have been trying to get to this place every holiday season and I haven’t made it yet 😩😩😩 The scenery is absolutely breath taking and sets the tone for a super romantic date!
  5. A Cooking Class! I’m so incredibly lucky to have cooking classes often with my husband! He’s the BEST CHEF IN ATLANTA and that’s totally not biased! Lol He recently taught me how to make gumbo and I took so many notes y’all 🤣😂 I’m trying to amp myself up now to make my first batch! LMBO! You can book my husband, Chef Aaron, for a cooking class by CLICKING HERE! 
  6. Wall Crawler Rock Club! So I absolutely LOVE this place ! No matter the weather, you and bae can enjoy a fun rock-climbing adventure date INDOORS! It features climbing surface and instruction/climb time for all levels. It’s super affordable too! A day pass to go in and climb is only $15!
  7. Karaoke! So I would definitely say this is more of a group date night! And I’d also say go with people who aren’t shy and who CAN’T sing 🤣😂🤣 LMBO! My husband and best friends can sing so guess who’s the odd ball out sounding like a animal dying while they sounding like Whitney Houston’s lost children 😂🤣😂 Nonetheless I leave my heart of the stage every single time we go 🤣😂 CLICK HERE to check out the one we visit often! 
  8. Topgolf! It’s another one of my FAVS! Again guys I can’t play worth of anything but boy is it fun trying 🤣😂🤣 This is fun with just you and husbae or a group of friends!
  9. The Painted Duck ! It’s a bar, a restaurant, bowling alley and has a little dance floor! What more you can you ask for?! You can also try your hand at indoor bocce ball, ping pong, shuffleboard, skeeball, giant Jenga, darts, southern skittles, and more! And the food is pretty darn good too!
  10. Board & Brush !  Y’all this is another place I’ve been trying to make it to for a year! I want to make alllllllll the customized boards and signs for my house and this place has it!!!! 

What are your plans for Valentines Day?! Do you have any fun things you like to do?! Leave a comment below! 

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Getting ready to have a panic attack I mean indoor skydive 🤣

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