So let me tell y’all how this small get together turned into a full on birthday bash with a theme! After having Aniah, I did big themed parties every year until year 6

Exhibit A

Aniah’s 3rd Birthday was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Extravaganza! I rented out a club house and had Mickey & Minnie come, a face painter and a bounce house and there were at least 60 guest!

After birthday 6 though I had enough !  It was extremely overwhelming, cost a fortune and I just couldn’t continue to submit myself to the stress every single year of a big party! So I sat Aniah down and told her we’d still celebrate her birthday but it would be on an extremely small level. I told her we would only have huge parties for birthdays for her 13th, 18th & 21st going forward. She was fine as long as she heard we will still celebrate!

Because of my “no big party until certain ages rule” for AJ we had a small get together for his first birthday! It was circus themed which I totally plan to recreate this year for his big party as he’s turning 6! Now I totally planned to commit to the same plan for Aria! No big party until her 6th then 13, 18 & 21 But what had happened was I had friends who had businesses and were amazingly talented that could help me put on a pretty amazing party at a low cost! Not only that but it would be a huge opportunity to showcase them!  I also realized I could cut huge cost by just throwing a house party and setting up my house! With Aniah we didn’t buy our house until she was 6 so paying for a venue alone was astronomical! After that this so called small get together turned into a huge birthday bash!

AJ’s 1st Birthday Set Up by Auntie Liz!

Now to get to the dope businesses I used! First up Sharpe Designs by Lakeisha did the balloon garland and sweet treat table decor! Y’all honestly she’s stuck with me for life! She will probably do every party I host going forward! If you don’t remember her she also did my gender reveal grasswall and balloon garland! I just loved it ! You can visit her page HERE to book her!

Next up is The Fun Village ! The Fun Village is so amazing and I wish they could set up a permanent room in my house. It is a soft play rental company!  They have everything for the ages of 5 and under from ball pits, to jump houses, to a mini roller coaster and so much more ! It was the cutest thing ever! She set up right in my dining room! I HIGHLY recommend this service for parties for 5 and under! Visit their website HERE to book your party!

The Fun Village Packages

They can literally set up anywhere! This set up is in my dining room!

The Birthday Girl having fun!

Next up was her birthday outfit !!!! OMG y’all it was the cutest thing ever and ALL made by my talented and amazing sister Kendra of H3ARTBEAT Boutique! The hair bow, onesie and tutu were all custom made! You can request your customized apparel from H3ARTBEAT Boutique HERE!

My other talented sister Megan made the sweet treats! Now guys unfortunately I don’t think she’s taking orders! But EVERYBODY was raving on how good the treats were! I don’t even really eat Rice Krispies but y’all these were so good I had a few!

Another fun thing we had was a Snapchat Filter! I sent my Best Bae Ashley a filter that had been made for Aria and she tweaked it into a Snapchat Filter! It was the cutest thing ! Guys unfortunately I also don’t think she’s taking orders or request but what she is doing is telling you how to get your finances in order on her Instagram page that can be found HERE! (shameless plug) Follow her and who knows she may take a request for a filter one day soon LMBO!🤣

Last but not least I cannot forget the invitation I had made! I no longer use real invitations I use digital invitations that can be sent via email, text or Facebook invite! So easy and cost efficient! I always use Marco of Mastermind Connects and you can find him HERE!


Sidenote: He is also the genius behind my pregnancy announcements!!

I hope you get some ideas and utilize these amazing businesses! We had a blast and the next party up is for AJ! Y’all keep me lifted cause pregnancy and parties are 😱🤣😂

Until next time,

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