Y’all I LOVE my family if you didn’t know by now lol I love planning family outings, family vacations and family nights in! To be honest our family night ins have been our absolute FAVORITE lately! When you have 1,000 kids it’s cheaper to buy the whole grocery store and log into Netflix and purchase a movie before you step foot into an actual movie theater! 🤣 We even purchased a tent and camped out on our deck for one of our family nights! It’s all about having fun and making amazing memories for the kids! So here’s some ways to make sure you make the most out your of family time! 


Make family time a priority by setting a date is MAJOR! It’s shows the kids it’s important to you ! You can also hype it up by doing a count down! I have a teenager who not only gets excited to countdown a family vacation but even gets super excited to countdown to a family night in ! 


You can choose to vacation, go out on the town or have a family night in! For one of our family nights in we planned to camp out on our deck! We set the date and y’all these kids talked about that camp out every single day for 30 days until it was finally time to set up the tent! We went to Target purchased the tent and bought tons of candy, played cards, songs and fell asleep looking at the moon! We had a blast! 


Ok so this one is for me 🤣 Outside of the occasional picture/video for memories and blogging, Aaron & I require everyone’s full blown attention! We make it a point to put our phones away and really indulge in conversation with each other or the activities we have planned! 


 Now this would be depending on if you are staying in or going out. If you are staying in choose the menu and get to cooking! Our FAVORITES are hot wings and fries and a nacho bar! We never order out and always make cooking one of the activities for the night! Now the kids love cooking… me not so much 🤣 They are always super amped while I’m like I’ll cut up the vegetables and that’s it 🤣🤣😂 LMBO! It is amazing to watch them with my husband cook and truly enjoy it! 


For our camp out night I remember starting to get anxious cause the kids were so hype! I was like OMG this has to be the bomb cause the kids been counting down all month. I was trying to think of all these ways to make it bigger and almost cancelled it!!!! You ever wanted to make something super extra and it wasn’t gonna work out so you throw the whole towel in?! LMBO! Thank the Lord for my husband y’all! He told me to get my life together and stick to our original plan and that it was going to be amazing! And y’all it was!!!😩😭🙌🏾 Aniah made the sweetest comment that night. She asked Siri (on her iPhone) to find a family that is better than hers and Siri replied no results found! *insert ugly cry* Like y’all ! This is why family time is so important!  It’s been one of our BEST family nights to date! I say all that to say, honestly your kids just want you and whatever you decide to do for your family time,as long as you are having fun, it will be successful! So RELAX AND DON’T OVERTHINK IT! 👏🏾

Do you have any tips or ideas on making family time successful in your home? Drop them in the comments below! 

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Santana Dillon
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