Ok this is long overdue y’all! For the past 4 pregnancies everyone is always asking me to give them advice on being fashionable while pregnant! Well I’ve got a quick 5 items to help you slay your pregnancy and be comfortable at the same time! 🤣

  1. ACTIVEWEAR: Activewear is just an absolute MUST HAVE to being fly and comfortable while pregnant! I’m talking Adidas, Nike, Puma, FILA or Champion jumpsuit, a cute pair of sneakers and some bomb shades ! Lol I also purchase my jumpsuits mainly from Marshall’s cause uhhhhh they can be pricey anywhere else! My go to for these last 2 pregnancies is this Adidas jumpsuit (shown below)! I got 2 to rotate and I think I spent a total of $65 for 2 pair of leggings, 2 T-shirt, 2 jackets and a sports bra! I’m not ashamed to say this is my  outfit Monday-Friday for the most part y’all 🤣Now obviously in the Summer you’ll go without the jacket 🤣

    FAV Activewear ❤️


  2. LEGGINGS: High Waisted Maternity leggings in black are also a MUST HAVE for me! 
  3. OFF THE SHOULDER FLOWY TOPS: Paired with your high waisted maternity leggings an off the shoulder top is a WIN! I love the off the shoulder tops for even when I’m not pregnant! I love them for 2 reasons! Showing a little shoulder to me is classy and sexy and reason # 2 is it hides my arms a little🤣I’m a little fluffier so to me it hides some of my fluff 😂🤣 

    One of my FAV Off the Shoulder tips paired with my high waisted maternity leggings ❤️

  4. PLATFORM SHOES: Sneakers & Wedges! Now I do wear heels while pregnant but you don’t have to wear them to slay your pregnancy! A nice platform sneaker or sandal/wedge are not only cute but extremely comfortable!

    Some of my FAV Platform Sandals ❤️

  5. FITTED STRETCH MIDI DRESSES: Y’all this is the # 1 MUST HAVE when pregnant! I LOVE them so much ! They are not only extremely comfortable but so so cute!


  6. BONUS: I’ve included a PREGNANCY SLAY SHOPPING GUIDE where you can find all of the above items and more ! CLICK HERE!

    This fitted Ankara dress is from Awura! I had to have it altered to fit my belly! You can shop Awura at www.awuras.com !