So this week is all about getting the picture perfect shot ! I dropped a bomb blog post Monday on taking amazing photos in under 1 hour (you can find that HERE) and now I want to help my pregnant mommas get ready for their bomb maternity pictures! Here are a few tips to get you prepared!


This is a must for any type of photoshoot you are doing! Find the look, style and scenery you are going for! You can do this specifically for maternity shoots by searching the hashtag maternity photography on Instagram, Facebook and my favorite, Pinterest!


 This is another must when doing any photoshoot! You can find amazing photographers just like finding your inspiration, on social media, Google and word of mouth! I also look at the photographers work to see if they’ve done anything like what I’m looking for. Chances are if they have they will definitely be able to nail my shoot! 🤣I have referred literally hundreds of women to my 2 maternity photographers! I’ll link them below along with the work they’ve done for me!

                            SET A DATE

So for maternity pictures I highly recommend shooting between 25-30 weeks. Now if you carry small definitely wait until there is a visible bump lol. My reasoning begins shooting between 25-30 weeks is that you feel your best during these weeks of pregnancy; you aren’t to swollen, uncomfortable or irritable lol Now I did do a shoot at 37 weeks pregnant just a few days before delivering Aria and while the pictures came out gorgeous I was so uncomfortable and swollen 😩So trust me when I say 25-30 weeks is BEST mommas!


This is super important! Once you’ve chosen a concept, photographer and booked a date you want to find the outfits you are wearing ASAP! I advise you to purchase at least 4 weeks before shoot date to give you time to try on, return and purchase something else if needed. For maternity pictures I recommend actual maternity gowns and pieces as oppose to sizing up in regular clothes. The reason being maternity pieces give you tons of room to grow typically and you’ll need that when trying to purchase your items a month before your shoot. I also recommend having 2-3 looks for your shoot! You need options when shooting while pregnant. Trust me on this! 🤣Apart of wardrobe is HAIR & MAKEUP! I highly recommend keeping your SAME traditional hairstyle and makeup look for your shoot! Now is NOT the time to try that orange dye or lime green lipstick ladies! Unless that is your traditional look 👀🤣There is nothing worse than having to take professional photos and you hate your hair! Stick to what you know mommas!

Follow these quick tips mommas and you are sure to have a bomb maternity shoot!


The above photos are from maternity shoots with Sima Photography I have done ! Click HERE for more info and to book her!

The above photos are from my maternity shoot with BYBN Photography and you can take a look at his work and book him by going HERE!

Have you recently taken maternity photos? What are some tips you suggest for getting prepared?! Drop them below in my comments!

Until next time,

Santana ❤️