It’s October 1st and that means it BABY MONTH for the Dillon Household!!!!!! We will be meeting our newest handsome face little boy literally ANYDAY NOW!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Well in preparation for delivery I always do some self-care so that I feel my best self going into delivery!!! Let’s jump right into it!

  1. MANI & PEDI : This is just the routine nail shop visit! I do recommend getting a powder versus acrylic and gel nail polish combination as those last for 4 weeks because it may be a while before you can make another nail shop visit!
  2. BODY WAXING: This is also routine for me! I get waxed every month but it’s really important for me to get waxed before delivery because you can’t get waxed again until 50 days after delivery.😳🤣
  3. FACIAL & MASSAGE: By now I’m sure you are thinking ok she just wants to pamper herself and YES that’s exactly the point! I go all out before delivery because after the baby  when you are getting adjusted to a newborn and breastfeeding, nothing else matters. So schedule that facial & massage mommas and thank me later 🗣
  4. RETAIL THERAPY: I go shopping for super cute and comfy activewear/sweatsuit and pajamas. I’m extremely intentional about what I wear right delivery as this plays a huge role in your self-esteem. I know how tempting it can be to just throw on yours husbands old tattered work shirt and his bleached sweats👀But hear me when I say when you look good it does help you actually feel good! Go buy some cute activewear pieces and pajamas and I’m telling you, you’ll feel like a new person 🙌🏾🤣
  5. HAIR CARE : LAST BUT NOT LEAST HAIR! Now I ALWAYS get my hair braided for every delivery and nothing will change this time around! Braids are super easy and ensure you aren’t going into the delivery room looking absolutely crazy! 🤣My hair braiding appointment is set and I’m so ready to not have to touch my hair for a while 🙌🏾🤣

Mommas do you have a routine for self-care right before delivery?! I consider this a huge part of baby prep ! If you don’t, implement it NOW ! If you do drop your self-care baby prep routine below!

Until next time,

Santana ❤️