It’s that time y’all ! My date to be induced is next Wednesday if all goes well! So I’ve packed my bags and today I’m sharing my amazing new diaper bag and what I’ve packed in it ! Let’s go !!!

First things first, let’s get into this diaper bag that looks nothing like a diaper bag😍The Citi Babies Citi Journey Bag! It’s literally EVERYTHING Y’ALL 😍It’s converts into a backpack, shoulder bag, crossbody bag and can also be carried as a handbag! Like whoa!!!!! Talk about versatility! I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks and even my momma-in-love has asked me to get her one! 🤣 Everyone from women to men and my teenage daughters friends love this bag!  I got the black bag and it is so chic and the PERFECT Fall bag 😍

Check Out The Specs:

– Overall Dimensions 13″ wide x 14.5″ height x 12″ length

– Large Main Compartment – 8″ wide x 14.5″ height x 11″ length

– Small Back Compartment – 8″ wide x 14.5″ height x 6.5″ length

– Matching stroller clips

– Modern changing mat

– Waterproof faux leather that easily wipes clean

– Separate insulated and waterproof zipper compartment 

– Backpack design with adjustable straps

– Removable backpack straps that double as a shoulder strap

– 12 organized pockets

– 2 insulated bottle pockets that fit all bottles

– Anti-theft pocket

– Key ring holder

Now on to what goes in this amazing diaper bag! The hospital diaper bag essentials will be different from your everyday diaper bag essentials. Hospitals provide just about everything you need and if you showed up without a diaper bag you’d still be all set! The only thing you really HAVE to prepare for is the trip home as you can’t leave the hospital with your baby without a proper car seat. So this list won’t be crazy long🤣  I will do an updated everyday diaper bag essential list within the coming weeks!


CAR SEAT (1)- This is really the ONLY item that you absolutely have to have in order for baby to leave the hospital with you. If this is your first baby, you can stop in at most baby stores, the fire station or find a car seat installing event near you (just google it, car seat safety is a big thing and there are events in just about every city). It sounds crazy but once you’ve got it down though, it’s like riding a bike, and easy to do!

DIAPER BAG (2)-DETAILED ABOVE!  I literally LOVE my Citi Journey Bag y’all 😍

NURSING COVER (3)– A nursing poncho is great for keeping covered and warm during all of those round-the-clock feedings especially when you’ve got a swinging door of visitors, plus they also double as a car seat cover as well. 

NURSING PILLOW (4)– For my first two deliveries, a nursing pillow wasn’t something I didn’t even think to bring with me to the hospital. With my last though, I decided to take it with me, and wow what a difference it made. Having good support in those first days of nursing, when you need all the help you can get, is so important! Mommas get you a Boppy STAT and bring it to the hospital with you! It’s life changing! 

GOING HOME OUTFIT (5) – If you didn’t know by now you know I like to make things super easy and cute! I’ve stocked up on one pieces especially since the temperatures drop during the Fall! One pieces are cute, cozy and convenient to throw to head home from the hospital! Ari wore a pink striped one similar to this one 😍This one also has built in mitten fold overs so I won’t need to put any on him for this outfit 🎉

MITTENS (6) -Since baby pretty much lives in a hospital onesie that first day, I do like to have a pair of mittens on hand because those little nails can be sharp!

HAT (7)-Hospitals always provide a hat for the babies. However I like to bring one in to match baby’s outfit for the ride home. #EXTRA 🤣

SWADDLE (8)- Swaddle blankets are something that most hospitals will provide for you, but again I like to have my own swaddle blankets on hand for all my personal photos. Oh hey Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook 👋🏾☺️

DIAPERS (9)- Again, you really don’t need to bring any diapers and in fact, you’ll probably leave the hospital with a couple extra to take home with you. But I do like to be prepared and never want a diaper bag without a diaper or two in it.

PACIFIER (10)- Again, your hospital should have these and will usually provide one if needed, especially depending on how long you stay, but if you want a specific kind like me for picture purposes be sure to bring your own . #EXTRAAGAIN 🤣

You can shop this full list by clicking HERE! I’ve included every item pictured except the diaper bag which is linked twice above! Happy Shopping 🎉

I have a separate hospital bag post dropping next week and it’ll include everything this momma needs for herself while at the hospital so stay tuned! 🎉

Mommas what did you pack in your diaper bag specifically for the hospital ?! Drop it in my comments below !

Until next time,

Santana ❤️