Arriving at the hospital ready to conquer the day!

It was Wednesday October 23, 2019! Our morning started early! We got up at 5AM to get Ari packed up and dropped off at my mommas house because we had to be checked in at Wellstar Cobb General for induction at 7AM. I got to my room about 7:30AM and took my intake shower. From 8AM-12PM I got all my vitals checked, cervix checked and waited for the doctor to give the next steps. I was 4 centimeters, and had been at 4 centimeters since the week before😳🙄, when I checked in. For those that don’t know you have to be 10 centimeters to push the baby out .  At about 12:45PM I received a pill that would thin out my cervix and jumpstart my labor. Our videographer JMO from Joy Over Money productions came and set up and ride out labor and delivery with us! My best friend Robert Kelly arrived about 1:30PM with my FAVORITE mild lemon pepper wings and yep I ate them! It was my last meal 🤣

At about 4PM all of my social media family was blowing me up 🤣I had over 300 messages from prayers to everyone wondering if I had delivered. Instead of responding to every single message I just posted from my hospital bed letting everyone know I was  in active labor and would let everyone know when he arrived 🤣

I told Aaron to snap a pic so I could post and let everyone know I was ok 🤣

From 4PM to 9PM I literally just chilled. All of my labor and deliveries are pretty chill so up to this point nothing was different with this one. Around 9PM they checked my cervix and I was at 7CM, my contractions were starting to get stronger and my doctor decided it was time to break my water ! We broke my water and then I received my epidural! 🎉I called my birth photographer, Kanetra from Nina Faith Photography to let her know she could head to the hospital. At 12:45AM though that’s when things got interesting. My epidural wore off and I was at 9CM at this point and advised the nurse I could feel everything. My blood pressure spiked to 190/120 in minutes causing the whole floor of nurses and doctors to rush in my suite. They all were like do you feel your contractions and I said yes yes I do 😩🤣At 12:55AM Aiden’s heart rate dropped just a little with each contraction so they then gave me oxygen.

Talk about speaking over yourself! Whew y’all! I had to pray so I didn’t freak out!

I had never experienced any of my baby’s heart rates dropping a little or needing oxygen before so at this point y’all I start praying in tongues that Aiden will come quickly and without any further incident. They checked and I had went from 9 to 10 in 10 minutes and I started pushing at 1AM! Aiden came out at 1:08AM! Quick just as I prayed 🎉🙌🏾😩😭

My sisters & I after delivery ❤️

Photo by Nina Faith Photography ❤️

Photo by Nina Faith Photography ❤️

Photo by Nina Faith Photography ❤️

I just want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and gifts we have received! I truly feel loved! A huge shoutout to Joy Over Money Productions and Nina Faith Photography for their excellent work in documenting my labor and delivery! Please book them y’all you won’t regret it ! 😍🎉

Mommas were all your births alike ?! Drop your experience in my comments below! 

PS. Stay tuned tomorrow! I have a super special announcement 🎉

Newborn photography by Sima Photography❤️