This holiday season don’t become a victim like we did to theft 😩Follow these tips to stay safe!

  1. LOCK YOUR DOORS! Make sure your remote to your car has a good battery so that it works correctly. This is # 1 for me because we pressed the button and heard it beep once we thought, but not twice. We knew we needed a new battery but hadn’t gotten around to replacing it just yet. And we thought since it still beeped it was working . WRONG . It was not working at all even with it beeping once. When the police came and ran the surveillance tape from the store, the robbers literally opened our door even though we pressed the remote to lock it and heard it beep once 😩CHANGE YOUR REMOTE BATTERY TODAY!
  2. ALWAYS CARRY YOUR WALLET ON YOU! Aaron actually forgot his wallet in the car and went back to get it immediately when he realized. The robbers watched him do this. 😩Thank God he went back to get it 🙌🏾I usually always leave my wallet in my car and after this I never will again.
  3. LEAVE VALUABLES AT HOME! Do not bring any valuables out with you while going on a shopping trip. We had Aaron’s business MacBook Pro & Ipad with us that day. Aaron typically does a lot of work when we are out and about so he used to bring them often. Going forward we’ve realized he doesn’t need both to work so will we bring the smaller less expensive item out that he can carry around with him as well.
  4. STAY ALERT! As showed on the surveillance video the robbers were watching us and our car. They had circled around us and we were rushed and paying no attention. Pay attention when you are out and if you see anything suspicious CALL THE POLICE 🗣
  5. SHOP DURING THE DAY! Even though our car was robbed in broad daylight I still think it’s best to shop during the day. Lol It’s just safer. If you must shop at night NEVER GO ALONE!

We were so thankful that we were prepared to properly submit an insurance claim to have the items replaced. We had pictures and receipts of our past purchases. Make sure you take pictures and have receipts for ALL your valuables just in case something like this happens.

Do you have any holiday shopping safety tips?! Drop them in my comments below!

Until next time,

Santana ❤️