1. SIS, START THE BUSINESS! You guys wouldn’t believe how many people DM and email saying they don’t know when or where to start. START WHERE YOU ARE! I used a web designer who built my site on WordPress. If you can’t afford a web designer there are tons of how to build a website on YouTube! Once you’ve got your site, you just start sharing! It’s nothing to it but to do it! START NOW!
  2. INVEST IN YOURSELF! Y’all heard the saying it takes money to make money?! Lol Well I believe it to be 100% TRUE! While you can cut cost here and there , there will be COST. Instead of buying those bomb pair of shoes or eating out everyday of the week  save that money for a new computer or a photoshoot to add content to your blog!
  3. DON’T FALL INTO PERFECTION PARALYSIS! In this age of social media and beautiful pictures , don’t get so caught up on every single thing being perfect. With the birth of Aria & Aiden just 15 months apart I’ve had to come to grips with I won’t always get the perfect shot 😩😭😱 See our annual family pajama Christmas picture for proof below 🤣 Trying to be “Perfect Patty” all the time isn’t just unrealistic ,it’s really not being true and authentic. It will hinder you from sharing things that could potentially be really beneficial for your followers. Don’t let the small imperfect details stop you from accomplishing things!
  4. STAY IN YOUR LANE! Do not compare yourself to others! It’s so easy to do but once you start down that lane it’ll be a downward spiral! It’s so easy to look at all the amazing things other people are doing and feel like you’ll never compare.  And you’re right, you won’t!  But not because you’re not good enough, or smart enough (or because gosh darnit, people don’t like you).  No, you won’t compare because they’re them and you’re you.  And that’s a good thing. No one else has the same experience, perspective, or style as you.  And that unique viewpoint makes what you have to say valuable!  So don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, and instead focus on what you have to offer!
  5. REMEMBER YOUR WHY! Because anything worth doing is difficult, it’s important to remember your “why” to stay motivated! And if your “why” only revolves around making money, then chances are you’re going to fail. A “why” has to be something more.  Maybe it’s the freedom to make your own schedule or spend more time with loved ones.  Maybe it’s helping people in an area you’re passionate about.  Or maybe it’s learning more about a topic you’re interested in. Whatever it is, it needs to be something worth fighting for.  Because in the end that’s what it will come down to! This past year of launching my blog has been one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life! I had to constantly remember my WHY! My WHY is to encourage wives and mommas across the world that even when the challenges come God has graced you for it all! My WHY is to encourage women that if I can do it , YOU CAN TOO!

    Are you a blogger ? How long have you been blogging and what are some tips you’d offer to someone looking to start a blog?! Drop it in my comments below!