Being stuck at home this past 14 days with the family hasn’t been too difficult for me! In fact I’ve actually enjoyed it! Today I’m sharing things that’ll make it easier to survive staying at home since it looks like we might be here a while longer.

  1. MAKE MEALS THAT STRETCH! While yes we are all home for a while and have more time on our hands some of us don’t want to be in the kitchen every single day! It’s me, I’m some of us 🤣🤣 I love making meals that stretch a day or 2! Chili is one of my favorites! Then there’s spaghetti, beans and rice & any type of soup! I also will cook a package of ground turkey and use that to make nachos or tacos for a few days! This saves my life y’all for real! 

    Our Brisket Chili 🌶

  2. ANOTHER FOOD TIP because food is important duh 🤣😜 If you just can’t bear cooking at all or if you just want a break HAVE YOUR FOOD DELIVERED! Y’all know my husband is a chef and our company, Dillon’s Catering, has a meal prep & food delivery service! If you didn’t know now you do! 🤣 If you are in Atlanta and have been wanting to try us out NOW is the time! We have several amazingly priced packages that will get you  home cooked meals delivered right to your door so you don’t have to leave your house or go to a grocery store! Us my code “TanaToldMe” to receive 10% off your package next week only !

    DC Meal Prep by Dillon’s Catering!

  3. KEEP THE KIDS BUSY! So we have a house full of kids! We have them on a schedule that keeps them pretty busy ! Our schedule for them includes school work, meals, downtime which includes reading, active time which includes us going on a hike in our neighborhood to the creek, game time which includes board games and hide and seek in the house and we also cook together which the kids love! Keeping the kids busy y’all is apart of how I stay sane ! I’ll be sharing a more in-depth look at my schedule with the kids next week!

    Hiking with a baby attached 🤣

  4. DATE NIGHT IN ! If you know Aaron & I you know how important our uninterrupted time together is! Date nights are our favorite! With most places closed to the public you can’t leave your house anymore! Fortunately for Aaron & I this isn’t a problem ! We’ve been married 14 years and we’ve become pretty creative when it comes to getting our alone time in 👀🤣😂 LMBO!   I’m gonna keep this PG for y’all though 🤣We put the kids to bed and pop some popcorn, bake some brownies and watch all of our favorite movies and shows! If you have a tv/dvd player in your SUV grab some blankets and take the date night to your driveway just the two of you 👀👀😏🤪😜 LMBO! We also enjoy goal setting and planning our future out! We genuinely LOVE talking to each other and have “date nights” every night 😍

    A random picture of us kissing in front of the kids! I thought this was fitting 🤣🤣🤣

Do you have tips to surviving at home ?! Drop them below !

Stay sane and safe y’all !

Until next time ,