Santana Nicole D is a personal life and personal style blog written by Santana Dillon. This blog is a place where you will find topics ranging from faith, marriage, motherhood, fashion, fitness and beauty.Post will be published once a week. Santana started this blog with the heart to connect with women around the world. She wants to provide inspiration and tips on how shes managing life being a wife and a mommy.


Hey y’all! I’m Santana ! If you’ve been following me on social media for a while I swear I’ve been talking about this blog for years! Lol I’m sure you all thought she’s never gonna launch cause I was starting to think the same thing! Lol But thank the Lord we are HERE ! Lol I have been sharing my life since the start of social media and now I’m so excited I have a safe space to share it ALL in one place ! One of my purposes in life is to help women be the absolute best they can be! I want to encourage women to chase their dreams , share how I’ve overcame the many obstacles in my life (you’ll learn more about those as I blog more) and share my tips on how to make life, as a wife and a mommy, a little easier. God has given me this passion and now this platform for a reason and intend to use it to be a light to the world! I pray that you’ll be encouraged and inspired to live your best life ! Thank you so much for visiting and don’t forget to subscribe !