What do you do when you find out you’ll be having another baby and you just had a baby?! 😰😥😱😭

I CRIED . That’s what I did. I boo hoo cried because I was terrified. I just had a baby and now before 2019 is up there will be another little baby here 😱😭Y’all honestly I’m still in shock. I cannot believe this is happening. It all started with my body aching really bad. Aaron & I were thinking it’s has to be the extra baby weight I’m carrying. I was actively working to get it off so we just left it at that. About a week later my back started hurting really bad and my back never hurts y’all unless I’m pregnant 😭My period wasn’t suppose to come on for another 3 days but I had to go get a test immediately. I ran to the store and when I got home I was like God please let my body be playing tricks on me 😩Y’all as soon as I pee’d on the stick 2 lines immediately popped up 😭I let out the bathroom and threw the pee test at Aaron and said look what you did 😭😭😭LMBO! I was so confused! From there y’all I needed almost 2 months to gather my emotions before I could say the words I’m pregnant out of my mouth. I AM PREGNANT.

As you all can see I took a small hiatus from blogging because I was not mentally prepared to share anything with anyone. I wanted to be transparent with y’all and I couldn’t do that until I was ready. This was a hard transition. The thoughts of God will I be able to manage TWO CHILDREN UNDER TWO?! And then there’s my sweet Aria. She doesn’t know her days of being the youngest spoiled baby are coming to an end😩😭Aniah and AJ got total 1 on 1 baby time by themselves. I had strong feelings of guilt if I thought about it too long 😥As I worked through my emotions over here the last 3 1/2 months I have been standing on 2 scriptures! Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; and Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. I know that I know that God would not give me this baby without knowing that I was fully capable of loving them and being able to manage . It still didn’t make me less scared though! LMBO! 😂

Fast Forward to April. I finally started getting comfortable with the idea that I had a new baby on the way. SN: And because Baby Surprise caught us by TOTAL SURPRISE, THIS IS IT! Aaron AND I are getting FIXED. Cause we cannot be playing these types of SURPRISE games 🤣😂Ok so as I was saying as I was getting comfortable with the idea of a new baby I started to think of ways I was going to announce to our family and friends that the last of the Mohicans was on the way! Easter was approaching and I knew I could get everyone together for a big Easter celebration without anyone thinking anything because we do it every year! We decided that we would not only announce the surprise pregnancy but also do a surprise gender reveal! I enlisted my sister best friends Robert & Sara Kelly, Shavonne, Arica & Ashley to help pull this thing together! After they all got over the incredible shock 🤣they jumped full gear into planning mode!

My last pregnancy with Aria I found out about SneekPeak Early Gender DNA Test! I took it with Aria and immediately knew I’d be taking it this time around! Y’all this service is truly phenomenal! Visit www.sneekpeaktest.com for all the details!

Here’s what the emailed test results look like!

It was such a cute set up. We had soul food provided by husbae, a bounce house and a Easter Egg hunt! Keisha of Sharpe Designs set up a grass wall and gorgeous balloon arch!!!! You can find her HERE on Instagram ! My sister Kendra made the “Oh Baby” sign! She has a boutique where she makes tons of amazing things you! You can find her HERE on Instagram! As everyone started arriving we had a sign that said, “SURPRISE!!!! WE’RE EGGSPECTING!!!!” When everyone would just start to come down from the initial shock I’d announce that it’s also a surprise gender reveal and people would fall out again! 🤣😂🤣It was seriously so much fun! 🤣LMBO!

My best friend Arica drew this sign up for me! Wasn’t it so cute?!

How cute was this grass wall and balloon arch?! My sister Kendra of H3ARTBEATS Boutique made the “Oh Baby” sign!

My cute sweets table made by besties Sara & Shavonne! The Golden Egg in the middle is the Gender Reveal Egg!

Once everyone arrived we gathered outside to do the reveal! We ordered a Gender Reveal Golden Egg Etsy! You can find the shop by clicking HERE! Once dropped a blue smoke bomb or pink smoke bomb would go off! The egg was dropped from our balcony and it initially didn’t break so we had to drop it again! 🤣When the blue smoke came out I was literally jumping so much Aaron got nervous that I was gonna hurt myself he couldn’t even focus! He was holding on to me making sure I didn’t fall. Once I stopped he took off running around the yard screaming from excitement! Seriously one of the best moments ever and I’m so glad all of our family and friends were able to be apart of it!

IT’S A BOY!!!!

We were so excited!!!

My father-in-law & I rejoicing !

After everyone left last night I cried tears of joy for the first time in months. I cried because my village is so extensive and they ALWAYS show up for me. I cried because the love I felt yesterday was so overwhelming and I cried because 5 years ago I asked the Lord for one more boy and he’ll be here just in time for Christmas *inset ugly cry* 😭🙌🏾

Something else shifted for me yesterday too! It hit me like a ton of bricks. This is no shade to anyone lol I just had an epiphany!  I said, “Santana, girl you do this! This journey will be no different. You won’t have the struggle stories, the stories of hardships and extreme stress that you see or that people have told to you by having 2 under 2! You’ve never thought negatively and no matter the surprise and timing you won’t start now! Snap out of it girl and DO YOU!” I had been so in my head about how I’ve seen people struggle with their kids that are close in age and the stories I hear.  I’m usually adamant about not making anyone’s stories or struggles mine but y’all I was straight up shocked that the first thoughts that came up were fear and from there, fear is the gateway to so many other things!  I started planning this big announcement and reveal before my emotions had settled and I am so glad I did. 😩🙌🏾God honors when you are able to push pass your flesh! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾My flesh was telling me to be scared and sad! But God reminded me over and over these past 3 1/2 months that there was nothing to be scared of. He has me like he always has. He’s GRACED ME FOR THIS LIFE.  Last night I dreamed of Aria and her little brother being so close that you almost couldn’t tell them apart aside from one having ponytails 🤣And I woke up crying again. This has been such a growing and humbling experience for me y’all! This baby boy has already taught me some pretty valuable lessons and he isn’t even here yet! 😥God has called him for such a time as this and this morning I woke ready with excitement to push out another Kingdom warrior! I’m ready to conquer the world and ready to kill this FINAL pregnancy! 👀🤣I GOT THIS Y’ALL! *Pep talking to myself 🤣😂* LMBO!

Until next time,

Santana ❤️