For Mother’s Day I decided to do something a little different! I got help from some of my village of amazing mommas! I asked them what’s the one piece of advice you’d tell yourself the day you became a momma! The advice they gave was just too good! Grab a notepad and tissue (cause if you are like me you’ll cry 😩😢)  and enjoy these life changing motherhood tips! 

  1. “Make an effort to be present everyday. It’s easy to always look forward to the next stage and rush it along….the first smile, sleeping through the night, crawling/walking, etc. but they will grow up and you will long for those very moments that your are rushing through.They are only small but for a little while! Enjoy the journey!”- Denise Couba Momma of 3

    Denise Couba; Momma of 3

  2. “Breath, this is just the beginning! Lmbo. Even if you mess up, your child will still think the world of you! It’s okay, there’s no book to being a perfect parent..” –Kendra Smith Momma of 3

    Kendra Smith; Momma of 3

  3. “She will grow so fast. Soak up every moment of fun and laughter, she is your greatest accomplishment!” – Elizabeth Kokou Momma of 2

    Elizabeth Kokou; Momma of 2

  4. “Relax and do not put too much pressure on yourself to get everything right! Enjoy every moment of being a mother, you will make mistakes but you’re perfect in your child’s eyes.” –Ashley McCurdy Momma of 3

    Ashley McCurdy; Momma of 3

  5. “God’s grace is sufficient and that his power is made perfect in my weaknesses. We often have really high aspirations for ourselves – especially when we are goal oriented people. But raising kids is nothing like other goals we set and seek to achieve if we use xyz formula. This is an all “hands on deck” experience and we need God’s grace DAILY to forgive ourselves when we fall short of our own standards. And I have to constantly remember that God created her and he wants me to rely on him to raise her. He wants me to seek him to know how to engage her and discipline her and disciple her. So in my weaknesses as a mom – his grace is sufficient and his power is made perfect through me.” –LaResha Jola-Isiba Momma of 1

    LaResha Jola-Isiba; Momma of 1

  6. “Remember who you are. Your life doesn’t end when your child’s life begins.” –Shavonne Walker Ashley Momma of 2

    Shavonne Walker-Ashley; Momma of 2

  7. “Do not be so guarded and to be ok with people trying to give me advice when they mean well. To not let go of the feeling that I had that I couldn’t be a mother without God.” – Vallon Jolly Momma of 6

    Valley Jolly; Momma of 4

  8. “Young woman do not worry about the future be present in the moment these precious years will be gone in the blink of an eye. Take more pictures. Make more videos. Do not get overwhelmed with other’s opinions of what you should be doing and how you should be raising your children, just enjoy them!” – Elizabeth Marcelline Momma of 2

    Elizabeth Marcelline; Momma of 2

  9. “When raising a teenager, contrary to popular belief, developing a friendship with your child is paramount. Be their friend! Listen to them, talk to them, and provide them with feedback the same way you would a friend. This way, keeping up with them and being informed on their personal dealings they have going on in their life isn’t a mystery (ie peer pressure, friendship at school, sex, drugs etc). Try not to talk at them or “tell them what to do,” because this might cause rebellion or resentment, rather advise them and try your best to be the greatest example for all it is that you teach them. This model of parenting sounds way too easy, but what you’re really doing is showing them that you trust them and once a child knows that you trust them, they will work even harder not to disappoint you or break that trust. I don’t parent from a place of fear, but a place of honesty and trust and well… it worked! “ –Terrica Wright Adoptive Momma of 1

    Terrica Wright; Adoptive Momma of 1

  10. “I can’t pour into my children or anyone from an empty cup therefore it’s imperative that I take care of myself and make myself a priority so that I’m my best self. This is spiritual, mental and physical health that I must tend to so I’ll be able to parent how God intended me to nurture his gifts that He’s given me for a season.” – Lynn Dillon Momma of 3

    Lynn Dillon; Momma of 3

What I noticed the most in these tips was that mostly every momma advised to indulge in your babies while you can! Motherhood can be a bit challenging but you never get those years back as stated above! My advice to myself would’ve simply been that ; JUST ENJOY THE JOURNEY! I wish I could get those years back with Aniah but my goal now is to live up every last moment I have with my babies! I pray these tips have blessed your life like they did mine! Now I ask you all ; “What advice would you have given yourself when you first became a momma?” Drop your answer in the comments below! Happy Mother’s Day!

Until next time,

Santana ❤️

Me with my tribe! Soon to be Momma of 4 ❤️


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